Are you tired of being an exhausted parent? Finding the night time wake ups with a new baby (or older child!) are affecting your day to day functioning and wondering if it is 'normal' for them to wake so often? 


Feeling overwhelmed because you've tried every sleep solution suggested in every parenting book, and on every website and forum? Welcome to Sweet Dreams Sleep Coaching....a gentle and holistic approach to help you solve your child's sleep dilemmas so everyone in the family will sleep better and feel more rested!

I am passionate about using gentle, respectful strategies that don't interfere with feeding or bonding with your child. There are many things I work on with families that will quickly improve nap times or night time sleep, but I also work closely with families on a bespoke but flexible basis to gently optimise and improve sleep, without leaving babies or children to cry alone unsupported. 

It IS possible to do this without using controlled crying or cry it out techniques which have in the past been thought to be the most effective - I firmly believe children should feel supported, loved and responded to alongside learning to settle independently and sleep well - when this is age appropriate. The techniques I use are evidence based and very successful, without compromising your child's emotional well-being.

It is important to look at sleep not just on its own, but holistically - both as being just one part of what your child needs in order to grow and thrive, but also to first look at every other part of your child's life to get a whole view of the sleep 'problem' (which can often be another issue in disguise) and work on it from more than one angle.


When working with families in such close proximity, usually within their homes at what can be a difficult, stressful and exhausting time, we work together to solve the problem and as a coach I can continue to support and encourage, while boosting parents own sense of empowerment and knowledge about their child's developmental stage and sleep needs.


I aim to empower parents to understand and learn more about their child's sleep needs and then work on the chosen strategy that will be adapted specifically for their child, using evidence-based research, to provide minimal-cry training techniques and gentle solutions. 

It is important for me to point out, that when using more gentle strategies, it can take slightly longer to see changes, and to start with it can seem that things aren't perhaps moving at the pace you would like. Especially when you are exhausted and desperately craving more sleep! But the difference is that your child feels responded to, supported, and nurtured, and both your relationship with them and their emotional well-being are protected and strengthened, something which is of paramount importance to all parents of course.

If you would like help working on your child's sleep situation, or to enquire about booking overnight care for your baby, please feel free to call me on 07830446991, email me on or fill in the contact form on this website - I’d love to hear from you!

Emily x

Founder of Sweet Dreams Sleep Coaching


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