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Harry is doing much much better now, after improving his sleep. He is willingly turning off his screens an hr before sleep and reading his book. It’s hard to get him to put his book down actually! He’s also sleeping deeply, and wakes up much more rested than before. It’s still a bit of struggle to get him up and about but it’s far far better than it was. The knock on effect of proper sleep is of course a game changer. He’s more engaged, happier, more willing to get into a conversation, and he seems happier at school. The screens off and book reading has made a massive difference. Thank you for the steer. We just need to make sure he keeps it up. Thanks again

Sam, London




We’ve been working with Emily on and off for a number of months to try and get our little girl sleeping better. Emily took the time to understand our situation in depth and she listened carefully to what we said and tailored the service to our needs.


She was always incredibly patient and reassuring and went above and beyond at times to ensure we got the support we needed when we were at our most desperate. We were very much against sleep training especially controlled crying type techniques and she fully respected this and only suggested strategies that we felt comfortable using. She helped us create a better sleep routine and then she helped us with other issues that cropped up along the way.


Our 15 month old daughter now sleeps much better and, as a result, my husband and I are also sleeping a lot better! I am fairly certain that we wouldn’t be at the point we are without Emily’s support and guidance and we are very grateful we found her.

Kerry and Chris, High Wycombe




We were lucky enough to find Emily to support us with our newborn baby girl. We are first time parents with very little experience of a young baby. Emily could not have been more incredible in her approach. She is extremely highly skilled and has huge amounts of training and used this to empower me as a new mother.


She guided us with her amazing knowledge whilst at the same time encouraging us to trust our own intuition and instincts. She was there for us at every moment and consistently went above and beyond.


She is a true baby whisperer and our little one adores her! We learned so much from Emily. I honestly don't know what we would've done without her. We are now confident parents and this is all thanks to her!


Candy and Joseph, Beaconsfield



Emily is amazing! We contacted her because our little one (15 months at the time) was really struggling to settle to sleep and waking countless times throughout the night. She would take hours to settle (in our arms) and would wake as soon as we put her down...we were at our wits end!


Emily was really knowledgeable and experienced, lovely and sensitive with a gentle approach. She went over and above what we were expecting. We felt immediately reassured that we weren't doing anything wrong and she gave us some really useful tips and advice on what to change/adjust to help get us back on track. Our little one is now 18 months and in her own room and cot, and is sleeping a million time better (sometimes even through the night which was unheard of previously!).

It was such a relief for us to find Emily, and we wouldn't hesitate to use her again. Highly recommended sleep coaching!

Kia, Cornwall

I contacted Emily to help me settle my 4 month old at night. She would go down beautifully, but wake 45 mins later, the very frequently all the way through the night. We worked on her nap times, feed times & different ways to settle her.


Emily straight away made me feel at ease & motivated to make some changes. My daughter is now 6 months old & sleeping so much better both day & night. Sleep deprivation is the worst! I now have the confidence to continue with the tools Emily has given me. Seeking help was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Kerry, Beaconsfield

Before I contacted Emily I was in a right state with my 11 month baby Fearne. She only fed to sleep and refused the cot so we co slept and breast fed all night. She often only slept 7 to 8 hours on and off as refused to go to bed until midnight due to being so overtired. Naps during the day were hard to get and I would have to co sleep next to her on my bed and feed her during it or go for a drive. My husband couldn’t get her to sleep unless driving or pram and she wouldn’t take a bottle of milk. This meant I was feeling pretty trapped and exhausted and had no time alone.

I really debated about contacting a sleep coach as I always said didn’t want a routine , loved breastfeeding and didn’t want that to stop and I really didn’t think babies could self settle. I didn’t like idea of training my baby not leaving her to cry. However it was coming to breaking point where I was barely getting any rest and any breaks apart from work.

Emily totally understood my situation and even though we had so many issues to sort took it really slow with us. We had so many set backs along the way of teething , illness and injections but Emily reassured and help us along the way. At times I never thought she would get it and just couldn’t be tamed so to speak.

However she now takes two naps a day , self settles so I no longer feed to sleep, myself or husband can put her down to sleep and she just rolls over and goes to sleep with no crying. As soon as I turn on the light and put sleeping bag on she yawns and kisses me good night. We can often leave the room within a few minutes. We are working on leaving straight away.

In the evening she goes to bed at 7pm with no fuss with or without milk prior as I work two eves a week. We have also stopped night feeds and we had our first ever sleep through the other night ! 7-6.15am! It’s not perfect , nothing ever is but I know that I have the tools and ideas what to do if things go wrong and how to get back on track. What to do if a nap goes wrong or if she wakes how to handle it.

Emily has been a godsend with my endless texts and questions but most of all she’s given us the confidence which I was really lacking as I often questioned my abilities and decisions due to her sleeping behaviour.

To say she has changed our life would be understatement. To have a evening and time in the day back - it’s like she’s given us hours back. I feel so much more refreshed, feel like I can handle things easier and less trapped. I can now even go out in the evenings and not panic.

Thank you so much Emily- best money we have ever spent.


Gemma and Darren, Aylesbury

Emily offered to help me with night nannying at the last minute owing to me being taken very ill 2 weeks post-partum. She is a consummate professional and was brilliant with my son, helping me with better feeding techniques for him so he would settle easier and she had lots of sleep techniques which she was more than happy to pass on. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Roxanne and Chris, High Wycombe

Emily has been really wonderful in helping with my 17 month old sleep issues that started a few months ago.


17 month old was sleeping through from 7 months but at 15 months, she was waking at 2am every night screaming and totally inconsolable no matter what I did. This went on for nearly 3 months.

After trying to 'deal' with it myself, Emily was my saviour. Emily is very considerate, really listens and offers sensible and most importantly doable methods. She was reassuring, didn't make me change my whole routine, but rather, offered a few tweaks that would help. She also made me feel better about myself as I was feeling pretty useless.

It has been over 3 weeks now and my little one is now sleeping through again.

Thank you!


Jacqueline, High Wycombe


I just wanted to let you know how incredible Emily is. So we found Emily by luck and how lucky were we! She was very confident and lovely in her ways which made us feel very comfortable and happy that she was perfect for the job.


When she first arrived she took control but was very cautious of that we were first time parents and didn’t want to step on our toes. For the first 4 weeks I breastfed and Emily would come and knock when our son needed feeding throughout the night.


Emily was so comforting whilst I fed our baby and then took over by winding so that I could go back to sleep. Once we changed him to the formula Emily would just take over through the night which I have to confess, to have a full night sleep was just incredible and I would sleep soundly knowing he was in safe hands.


The advice Emily gave was incredible, from winding, feeding to solutions of silent reflux that our GP couldn’t help with, was just incredible!


She was so loving to our baby boy and it made us so happy to see him smile every time he saw her face or heard her voice.


I would highly recommend Emily. She’s amazing! the best advice and loving family friend you will have.

Ed and Riah, Beaconsfield

Emily has been looking after our 5 months old baby boy for the last four weeks and I cannot recommend her enough!


We have had many experiences with night nannies previously and I have to say she’s absolutely brilliant and for sure the most competent and humble we’ve ever met (many times night nannies talk as if they know absolutely everything about your little one, pretending to give also medical advise without being doctors- and I am a doctor!).

She has been looking after him with love and a very professional attitude and she has been advising us regarding our two years old daughter who was still not sleeping well.

We’re very sad that she will be leaving our family soon (as she has other commitments) and we’ll definitely call her to check her availability in the future since it’s such a relief to know that someone so special is looking after your little treasures!!!

Thanks so much Emily!

Guilia and Patrick, Ascot

Emily was recommended to us by a friend and we called on her to help us out with our two week old girl.


Emily knew exactly how to comfort my baby and got her to sleep incredibly well that day - something myself and my husband had struggled with.


Since her visit I've been using her snoozing techniques which has now helped us get our baby to sleep! 

Yessica and Adam, Taplow

Emily spent approximately 2 months as a night nanny with us 2 nights a week. As a new mum to premature twin boys I was incredibly apprehensive about seeking support from a nanny, especially at night when you aren’t around to see how your children are looked after.

Emily’s calm and confident manner provided immediate reassurance, and from our first night with Emily the twins started to sleep in a more relaxed and consistent way. To our surprise we also slept through & enjoyed a good nights sleep each time she was with us!

Emily provided a lot of advice on how to get the twins into a better routine, both day and night, from swaddling, using dummies, white noise, all advice that has helped the twins establish a better night time routine.

For me, and for our family, Emily’s experience shone through. She clearly has a lot of knowledge on how to deal with babies that have reflux, which really helped my youngest twin. She also always went the extra mile, checking in over the weekend and offering additional advice even when she wasn’t looking after the boys.

Since moving to a new home, we have a new night nanny with us, and whilst she is also very good we very often find ourselves thinking “she’s just not Emily”. Its hard to put into words, other than to say any child will be lucky to be in a Emily’s care and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Natasha, Kensington

Emily recently gave me some support with a sleep issue with my 9 year old daughter.

We lost her mother 2 1/2 years ago so the issues were sensitive, unusual and not easy to see as it was very subtle and clearly not a child playing up.

Emily was calm, listened to our very specific issue and helped immensely to ebable us to work through it.

Most definitely more than a "one size fits all routine" approach.

Mark, Reading

We don’t live in the UK but Emily’s consultation was invaluable even over the phone and her support afterwards has been top notch.


She really helped me navigate the many books and advice floating around to try to establish a routine for our baby boy at 6 months onwards and eradicate night snacking. she is very professional, knowledgeable and accessible.


Highly recommended!!

Gintare, Switzerland

Emily did an overnight with us last night and looked after our five week old son. It was amazing - I had a peaceful night and managed to get eight hours sleep even though he is breastfed. I feel like a new person today - fully charged and can enjoy him even more.

Emily is very calm, gentle with the baby, professional and easy to have around. This is my fourth baby and so I am keen for him to learn positive sleep behaviours.


I can highly recommend Emily and it’s worth getting her involved sooner rather than later as she encourages and can advise on positive sleeping practices.

Suzy and Andy, Marlow

Emily has helped us tremendously with getting our nine month old son into a better sleep routine in his own cot. With continued support and a sleeping plan in place, I feel so reassured and supported by Sweet Dreams Sleep Coaching.


Emily is friendly and personable and I felt in good hands. The tips and hints really helped us too. 

Thanks Emily x

Amy and Neil, Aylesbury

Thank you so much for the home visit at the weekend.


Following our discussion regarding Harry’s sleep pattern, I am so happy with the suggestions and information you gave us to help with his sleeping.


We have started some solutions already, and we’ve also made sure since you came that he is having 2 good naps a day, and he is already sleeping better!


Starting from tomorrow we are setting a rough routine so we shall see how this all goes, he’s still currently poorly so I understand it may not 100% work yet. 


Once again thank you so much for your time and support

Aimee and Chris, Chalfont St Peter

It would be difficult, if not impossible to find someone better experienced and equipped to both advise on and provide overnight care for children.

Over the past 10 years Emily has provided care and overnight respite for my children, one of whom does not sleep through the night due to sensory difficulties and sleep apnoea and the other who has complex medical needs requiring overnight supervision. In particular I would recommend Emily because she has understood my concerns and anxieties as a parent and she has gone on to meet all of these needs and more.

Emily’s attention to detail with children is remarkable. She forms strong bonds with them and engages both their trust and their friendship easily. My children both love her to bits!

Emily brings an enormous range of professional and personal experience and is a great source of knowledge on a wide range of subjects to do with children and their development. She provides a great deal of empathy and support to those around her and networks with a wide range of families ensuring access to services is available to those who might otherwise find it difficult to reach them.

Emily is both trustworthy and reliable. She has a strong work ethic and always goes above and beyond what might be expected of her. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services to you.

Carole, High Wycombe

Emily has been advising us on how to get our 7 month old daughter to sleep longer through the night by establishing a better daytime nap routine.


We have only been following Emily's advice for a few days but have already seen a marked improvement to night sleep.


Emily is very knowledgeable, patient and professional I would highly recommend her.

Louise and Tom, High Wycombe

Emily is excellent at looking after babies. She worked for us many hours for two months taking care of our newborn baby boy both during the day and night. She knows how to look after a newborn very well, is confident and professional.


I had no concerns leaving the baby with her at any point. She is very professional helping with whatever is needed in relation to the baby, always on time and doesn’t need to be told what to do, she just gets on with it - she would make sure sterilising, laundry, baby tummy time, vitamins etc are all done without being asked.

She is also great at giving any baby related advice, and will always follow up later having gone away and done some research/asked other nannies and maternity nurses in her network to see how others are approaching it. With babies there usually isn’t a straightforward immediate answer!


It is always a relief knowing Emily is coming for the night, as I would just leave the expressed milk for the baby and she would take care of everything else (including bottle sterilising, milk storage etc), whilst I was getting a good night’s sleep. We have re-booked her for an additional month as a night nanny and will be happy to work with her further in the future.

Emily is always in a good mood, calm and confident - as a new parent you need that as you just need someone to come and take the baby off your hands for a little while.

Jurate and Alessandro, Taplow

I’d heard so many good things about Emily from my best friend who had enlisted her help a number of times with her own daughter after a difficult pregnancy and labour.

I had no idea Emily was coming to look after our son until the day before when my friend told me she had booked her for me as a surprise. This was possibly the best gift we could have asked for at this time because my husband and I were absolutely exhausted!

Emily is such a professional, gentle and calming person and we immediately felt reassured and confident that he was in good hands.

She offered us some invaluable advice about how to structure our days & nights, how to calm and settle our son and how to get him to sleep including advice on using a swaddle, white noise and the shh pat technique. 

Establishing a good routine & getting out of bad habits now at this young age will really help us later down the line when he is a bit older.

I can’t recommend her enough!

Alicia and Morgan, North London

We were recommended Emily as a night nanny after a complicated pregnancy and very long and stressful labour. Our little one then had an extended stay in hospital and by the time we were discharged we were utterly exhausted and highly anxious. 


Emilys arrival was an absolute saving grace. Her calm, professional and highly experienced understanding of newborns gave us the reassurance we were desperate for, as well as giving us much needed rest. Emily was so gentle and caring with our daughter Astrid, that we could sleep in peace knowing that she was being cared for very well. We ended up extending Emily’s time with us for a further 3 weeks. And once Emily finished with us, we were given much needed confidence in our newly found parenting skills, something most new parents will agree is hard to achieve! 


We would highly recommend Emily to any new parents, especially any families who have had a little rocky start.


Once Astrid gets to 6 months we will most certainly look into asking Emily back for sleep training. 

Dot and Nick, Chesham

Emily has a very empathetic approach and really took the time to listen to the sleep issues we were facing.


Emily provided some very pragmatic advice, simple measures to start with which have worked brilliantly! We’ve now got some sleep back in our lives and I'm really grateful to Emily! Thank you!

Nick and Jacintha

Emily looked after my 6 week old daughter for c. 6 weeks in the night.

Emily was extremely professional, yet had a very warm and caring demeanor.

She has tremendous judgement and was able to read my daughter's cues perfectly.

Emily was ready and eager to help in all aspects of baby care.

Absolutely no fault to her service, strongly recommend her to anyone looking for support with a little one!

Sasha, Taplow

We had the pleasure to have Emily as our guest @cafemamaslough .

She came to talk to the mums about her gentle , holistic sleep approach and coaching .


Emily is very approachable , open minded and wants to educate parents and normalise what is normal sleep behaviour depending on the child ‘s age .


She gave invaluable advice and different techniques to try taking into account individual emotional needs and respect family ‘s choices .

I really recommend Emily‘s talk for any support group or for your own individual needs .