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Bespoke Sleep Workshops

Bespoke group sleep workshops, for postnatal or parenting groups, and within work, school and nursery settings, to cover all aspects of sleep, relevant to specific ages. 

Workshops available:

Birth to 6 months

6 months to 3 years

3-5 years

Primary age children

Secondary age children

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The workshops run for around 45 mins to an hour (though can be longer if required), with approximately half an hour at the end for individual questions. 

Workshops cover a number of subjects, which can be tailored to the needs of the group but for example would usually cover: sleep requirements by age, sleep hygiene, bedtime routines, blue light effects on sleep, the effects of poor sleep and diet on children’s ability to focus and concentrate at school, red flags for sleep issues, things parents can do to help their children settle easier at bedtime to get more sleep, and more.

Participants receive a hand out to take home, with age specific sleep tips.

Book as a group of friends and split the cost between participants, or on behalf of a school or workplace to provide essential age appropriate sleep information and strategies to enhance parents/pupils/employees wellbeing.

For more information, or to book, please get in touch here

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Kind words from previous workshops:


"We had the pleasure to have Emily as our guest @cafemamaslough .


She came to talk to the mums about her gentle, holistic sleep approach and coaching.


Emily is very approachable, open minded and wants to educate parents and normalise what is normal sleep behaviour depending on the child ‘s age.


She gave invaluable advice and different techniques to try taking into account individual emotional needs and respect family ‘s choices.

I really recommend Emily‘s talk for any support group or for your own individual needs."


“I found the workshop really useful, it gave me the kick start I think I needed in order to make a change. The nights themselves have also been more settled. He seems to be sleeping for longer stretches, sometimes 5 or even 6 hours before needing a feed. This is a huge improvement on waking every 2 hours or so!”

“We have learnt so much, about routines, sleep techniques, sleep coaching options and sleep regressions.”

“It was fantastic, really interesting to hear others stories and your own experiences with children you have worked with.”

“We would definitely recommend the workshop to other parents, we learnt so much and really appreciate it, thank you!”

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