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Sweet Slumbers E-book - £4.95


A Guide to Naps for Ages 2 – 18 Months

Baby nap and sleep routines are always a popular topic of conversation amongst parents. Sweet Slumbers details what a sample day and night routine could look like for each stage of development, from 2 to 18 months old. It includes tips and advice on how to encourage positive sleep behaviour and overcome any challenges you may be having.


Each chapter is dedicated to a particular age, giving you a sample routine with suggested ‘awake windows’. We understand that every child and family is different, so with each guide, times can be adjusted and tweaked to suit you, your baby and your family routines.


This E-book has been written by Emily Guiver, Founder of Sweet Dreams Sleep Coaching, to provide you and your family with support and guidance as you navigate the early months with your little one.

Sweet Slumbers Ebook - A Guide to Naps for age 2-18 months

  • Sweet Slumbers is a 27 page ebook which comes in pdf format. The ebook will be emailed to you following payment.

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