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SPECIAL LIMITED INTRODUCTORY PRICE. This course aims to empower and support parents of babies and children aged 6 to 36 months by offering a gentle and holistic approach to help improve your child’s sleep.


The course comprises approximately 40 minutes of lectures, which you can work through in your own time. It contains the following sections:


  • Introduction
  • Sleep needs by age and appropriate expectations
  • Sleep myths
  • Routines and naps
  • Common causes of night waking
  • A holistic approach to sleep
  • Sleep strategies
  • Self care


Each lecture has supporting activities and handouts for you to download and keep.


What you will learn
You will learn about the different sleep requirements by age, common sleep myths, routines and naps and some of the common causes of night waking. We will take a holistic view of sleep, examining other individual, family or environmental factors that may be influencing your child’s sleep.

We examine different sleep strategies to help you identify which may be the most appropriate for your child and look at self-care for you, the parents, during what can be a difficult time. Each section includes an activity to help you apply your new knowledge to your child and your individual situation.

Parents come away with a much clearer idea of how to tackle their child’s sleep issue and with strategies to implement straight away from night 1 💤


Feedback from previous workshops and courses:

“We have learnt so much, about routines, sleep techniques, 'self settling', sleep coaching options and sleep regressions.”

“We would definitely recommend the workshop to other parents, we learnt so much and really appreciate it, thank you!”


This course is available in short video sections to enable you to watch at a time that suits you, and all resources (relevant sleep schedules, strategy sheets etc) are available to download as part of the course.

You will receive an email with a link and code to redeem so you can start the course as soon as you like!

Gentle Sleep Course for 6-36 Months - SALE!

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