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Gentle Sleep Coaching

It IS possible to vastly improve sleep without using controlled crying or cry it out techniques which were, in the past been thought to be the most effective, or the 'only' way. I firmly believe children should feel supported, loved and responded to, alongside learning to settle happily and sleep well - when this is age appropriate. The techniques I use can take slightly longer but are evidence based and very successful, without compromising your child's emotional well-being, or yours. 

It is important to look at sleep holistically as it is just one element of what your child needs in order to grow and thrive. I consider all aspects of your child's life to get a whole view of the sleep 'problem' and work on it from more than one angle. Often there are underlying reasons why a child is struggling with sleep, and only by approaching things holistically and incorporating all aspects of their life including their environment, nutrition, emotional well being, temperament and overall health, can we expect things to fall into place.


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I aim to empower and support parents to understand and learn more about their child's age related sleep needs and to normalise expectations. I work using strategies adapted specifically for your child, using evidence-based research, to provide minimal-cry training techniques and truly gentle solutions. 

I am proud to be a Level 6 (degree level) graduate of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.  I am continually looking to further my professional development and complete regular additional training particularly in the field of Sleep, Feeding and Newborn Care.

I love working with families with children of all ages, from babies right up to teens!

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